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PracticeIT specializes in IT services providing end-to-end solutions in consulting, technical and enterprise support. PracticeIT is committed to providing personalized customer service and will take the time to help you understand critical aspects of the IT industry.

Frank is an allround sr. IT Engineer working in IT for over 15 years. Currently working at a leading European electricity transmission system operator, effectively in execution of stories to support development, integration, production and infrastructure deliverables. Able to quickly learn new technologies and strategies.

Ability to adapt and accomplish creative and standard or non-standard solutions. Strong proponent of Open Source technologies.

Frank has an agile mind set, fast to adapt constant changes and feeling comfortable with it.
  • high analytical abilities
  • high technical skills
  • stress resilient
  • result driven
  • team player

PracticeIT provides the best quality in services possible.


Cloud native applications are different, with many small, fast-moving services. Each service has its own pipeline for steps such as code formatting, vulnerability scanning, tests against staging instances and production deployment. Each pipeline integrates various tools. All these steps and tools across many services quickly become overwhelming. Software delivery of modern applications has become an integration nightmare. Trying to control it, much less automate it, cannot be done the old way.

Ansible is an automation tool for provisioning, application deployment, and configuration management. Gone are the days of SSH’ing into your server to run a command or hacking together bash scripts to semi-automate laborious tasks. Whether you’re managing a single server or an entire fleet, Ansible can not only simplify the process, but save you time. So what makes Ansible so great? Ansible is completely agent-less, meaning you don’t have to install any software on your managed hosts. All commands are run through Ansible via SSH and if Ansible needs updating you only need to update your single control machine.

Docker is a tool that packages, provisions and runs containers independent of the OS. Container technology is available through the operating system: A container packages the application service or function with all of the libraries, configuration files, dependencies and other necessary parts to operate. Each container shares the services of one underlying operating system.

Kubernetes is an open source tool used to manage containers across the private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud. It provides a platform for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerised application across clusters of nodes. It supports many other container tools as well. Therefore we can add extensions and use containers apart from the internal components of Kubernetes.


Some companies who already make use of the services provided by PracticeIT
  • TenneT the national electricity transmission system operator of the Netherlands.
  • ING is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Amsterdam.
  • Powerhouse enables you to operate direct on the energy markets.
  • Rabobank is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Utrecht.
  • e-Office helps organizations to be more flexible and smarter.
  • IBS Consist software company in the areas of financial management and human resources management.

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For more then 20 years Frank worked with all kinds of Linux flavours. This can be RPM based Linux flavours like RedHat, OracleLinux or Centos but also DEB based like Debian, Ubuntu, Armbian or even Raspbian running on the Raspberry PI which this site runs on.

To summarize a part of technologies Frank is experienced in;

  • Webservers like Apache HTTP Server and Nginx.
  • Loadbalancing tools like HAProxy.
  • Automation tools like Jenkins, Rundeck or even Nolio.
  • Ansible playbook testing with Molecule.
  • Container tools like Docker, Mesos and Marathon (DC/OS) and Kubernetes.
  • Several scripting languages which are common in Linux like Python and BASH.
  • Java Application servers like JBoss, Apache TomCat and IBM WebSphere Application Server (certified).

For more skills please see Frank's page on LinkedIN.

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